We are SWaM certified and connected through the eVA system.

14101 Parke Long Ct, Suite # N
Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone: 703-321-4944
Fax: 703-321-4947

About Us

iStock 000002328740MediumAmeri-Tech Concepts offers managed print services to companies who share our goal of reducing annual office printing expenses. We also offer printer repair services to businesses across Washington DC Metro Area.

We provide printer hardware, parts, supplies and repairs. Our managed print services help businesses to gather accurate data on their current usage and expenses so we can create a strategy for that saves on printing costs -- as well as ongoing support and optimization. Speak to a member of our team for more information about how you can start saving money by working with us today.

If you are looking for assistance with convenient and affordable printer repair services, we have a number of options to suit every company's needs and budget. If you want to take advantage of a program that reduces your costs for toner, or a software solution for your fax, printer or MFP fleet, or even the services of one of our managed print service consultants, we are here for you.

We pride ourselves on providing service across the Washington DC Metro area region, with customers, from small business owners to large firms. Whether your office has just one printer or thousands, let us provide you with the service your business needs to thrive.

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